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Risque Misere

Be What You Wanna Be

Neon Ecstasy
31 May
Somewhere i wanna be
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[I am laughing to keep from crying.
And typing to keep my hands from crawling like big white spiders all over the place.
And keeping my lips sealed, my mouth clenched tight so that the scream i keep inside does not escape and fill the room with its anguish.] Robert Cormier, "After The First Death."
2am, afternoons, anais nin, angelina jolie, antiques, apples, architecture, art deco, astro boy, australia, bad words, bates caprilli's, beautiful goth girls, beer, being warm, big buildings, big cars, bikes, birds, bits of paper, boys, brushing my teeth, canadian club, chocolate, cigarettes after meals, cinema and psychoanalysis, coffee, colours, comfy chairs, computer games, cooking, david fincher, design, dexys, dictionaries, dogs, dope, dreams&dream therapy, dressage, drugs, eating, english, equus, erotica, ethics, europe, eventing, excited people, fairy tales, fame, feminism, filter, fishnets and velvet, food, forests, friends with cars, girls, grass, green drinks, grimjulie, halcyon&on&on, herbs, horror movies, horse riding, horses, humanism, incense, industrial, ink in my hair, interesting people, internet, italian, jamesoh, journals, jung (carl), junk, kate winslett, lars von trier, learning guitar, led zeppelin, liberalism, loving, lucy liu, lunaduck, magick, manga, media, micheal turner, misty mornings, moby, mountain biking, music, my fish, naming things, nina liu, noodles, oceans, paddocks, paint on my hands, paper clips, patent leather, perth, pharmaceuticals, playing by ear, poetry, ponies, prodigy, rain, reading, red, religion, russia.com, sale of the century, sarah mclachlan, second hand shops, seinfeld, serial killers, seven, sex in the city, sharks, short stories, sidewinder, sleeping deeply, snog, sophistication and class, spiders, stephen king, tarrant, telephones, television, thailand, the assassin trilogy, the omen, toyota corollas, trance/dance, transcendentalism, trees, tricky, trip-hop, true crime, twin peaks, van gogh, vigilantes, vodka cruisers, voltron, warm animals, water, writing, x-country riding...