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i am back because i want to be.

that is lame.

i am back because

i like it here.


today has been spent in halfsleep, reading Harry Potter, eating Devilled pasta, playing with pilchard, making love.

or was it fast, furious fucking? either way. i am satisfied. now just waiting on cones.

posting stuff in scar_myself because even tho i have stopped, have been thinking about it for a long time and although it may be sad, sick and pathetic, i want to keep hold of that rebellious, crazy part of me, to stop the numbness of my everyday life.

my fingers are curiously dry. scratchy dry, the skin on my fingerprints slip like talc over each other.

i am tired.

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after a brief hiatus, i have decided to resume use of this journal. i stopped posting for a variety of reasons, namely Boredom.

or BoreDumb as i prefer to think.

i have consumed too much caffeine and my eyeballs now hurt.

how are you, how have you been?

forgive me if i don't post regularly. my life has taken on a ... er... life of its own and i am completely unable to stop the rollercoaster ride that i am dragged along on.

not that you could really call procrastination a rollercoaster ride, but hey... it's my life.

it is a beautiful day outside. sunshining and clear blue skies.

i have work to do... but isn't that always the case?

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it seems that in my absence a few things have been happening in lj land.

first of all, i think it fair to warn you that i am systematically shutting this journal down.

i think its fair to say that i've had enough. briar_spider is too caught up in... other things? or something.

i want a forum to be creative, and play with words and experiment with my sense of self (and other such wanky goings on).

so. feel free to delete briar_spider from your friends list.

(i don't know what else to say?)

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it is 6.41pm.
the sun has just set. the sky was pink and in a flurry of grey and sunset kisses just as i came up to the office. i can see it over the rooves of the apartments behind us.

it took me three hours to watch Chicken Run. kept on falling asleep, jerking awake, rewinding and watching... only to fall asleep again.

finished it eventually. lovely film.

Wallis and Grommit are so much better though.

feel so sleepy. what do you suggest?


going to order a small Works pizza (with jalapenos) from Magick. i know. its an indulgence, but hey. i can't be fagged. jed has gone to play computiewooties with his boyfriend, and i am fully intending to do hours of assignments/lesson prep for next week in hell.

this is my week:

Sunday- study. Complete Context & Philosophy assignment. Complete Health Lesson Plan. Complete Maths Lesson plan. start English Assignment.
Monday- Work on assignments, prep for Maths and health Lessons. Work on English Assignment. go to Mt Lawley campus to print out various assignments et al. Hire Marantz audio equipment. watch Sex in the city.
Tuesday- up early for Prac. Conduct mini maths activities. Health Lesson. Work on English Assignment. Watch Rove, LIVE!
Wednesday- uni. 9-1pm. Home by 2pm or so. work on English assignment.
Thursday- uni. 10-5pm. Home by 6pm. Finish English Assignment.
Friday- uni, 9-12. Hand in English assignment. study for Maths Assignment 2. Work, 4-8pm.
Saturday- work, 9-1pm. veg out.
Sunday- work on Maths Assignment.
Monday- Work on Maths assignment. work 4-8
Tuesday- Work on Maths Assignment. work 4-8
Wednesday- Hand in Maths assignment. Work 4-8
Thursday (ANZAC day)- GO DOWN SOUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come back on monday night or tuesday morning...

then it starts all over again.


at least work is not an issue anymore. but i want to make sure i do really well for them and make them heaps of money, cos they are being so good to me... but its hard. ah well.

man. that is a lot of stuff to do in one week.
ah well. a good nights sleep tonight will work wonders. want to do loads of LJ-ing, also.

got results back for my first 2 assignments:
50% (Pass) in Maths. ARGH. i feel lucky that i did tho, considering that i barely did any work on it, and didn't include half of what some people who only got 2 marks more than me. have to conduct the two lessons in this tuesdays class.
68.5% (Distinction - scaled up) in English. *PHEW fucken WOO*. lots of positive lovely comments, lots of excellent feedback. feel sort of confident about what is expected of me for the Writing Plan.

Big Bad Basil spent the whole night outside last night. bad bad bad. jed said that she was asleep in his chair when he got up at 9am tho. which is good. but what a rascal, i spent about 20 minutes calling for her before i left for work this morning, and not a peep.
always leave the backdoor open for the cats to make their adventures into the great outdoors, so she must of snuck in after i left. bastard.

was supposed to do something. oh yeah, context assignment.

think i might retreat downstairs, order a pizza and watch some telly instead.



sometimes, i get so sad.
i just can't help myself. self indulgent prat.